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If your baby is between 4 months and 11 months old, then this is for you!


You watched your little one growing, you were there every minute and it was like magic, one day you look at them and they are not little anymore. And that time just went by too quickly. Crazy, isn't it?

I became a baby photographer when my kids were already 6 months old and I always wish I knew about newborn photography. But then I have beautiful photos of  their milestones and as beautiful as the newborn, different but still gives me a chill whenever I look at them. Your baby will never be the same again. They change every second.  As a photographer and mum, I envision parents like me to have beautiful photos of their babies, their babies with mum and dad and have precious memories to look back on when they are all have left to live their own lives.

If you missed your newborn photos, it is not too late yet and this is as beautiful, if you've done one and want to have milestones photos, this is for you too! Here is an opportunity for you to get some beautiful photos of your little one to enjoy and treasure.

 How much does it cost and what is included?


-$190 Only (Save over 50%)

(Payment Plan available)

-5 Digital copies

( You will be given a password protected link to choose your favourite images between 3 days after the photoshoot.)


How to book and lock in your time?

Click the link below or

Call/Message me for your spot- 021506947

Deposit of $40


Date of Photoshoot:

30th of March 2023

I have 6 spaces for this, get yours now. First in will get it!

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