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I'm a 100% dedicated to deliver exactly what you want.


You will never regret choosing a quality service, even if it costs more you never regret owning quality. How you feel about how much it costs will fade away and you will be left with something truly valuable that you will cherish forever. The great news is I have figured out how to give you amazing quality and service at a price that is very affordable.


I never met my grandparents both maternal and fraternal. I heard a lot of stories about them from my father and mother but you know what the sad thing is? I have never seen any photos of them. I did see one of my grandfather but only his back during my Papa’s graduation in college! This leaves me with a broken heart, wishing for something more that will never come. That is why, I take great images of my kids with their grandparents as well. I think It is very important for them to know their whakapapa or their roots. 


Is there any greater value than having the images you desire, the ones you picture in your mind that you and your future generations would enjoy? In 15 years, 20 years, or even 30 years is there any monetary value that you can tag  with the images that you own? I am sure, if it was possible, you would do anything just to get the moment back and capture it.

Here is my commitment to you, I will devote myself to giving you every piece of my creativity, hours of work, from preparing and planning, to shooting, to editing each image that your eyes will set upon, to presenting the images and finally to prepare them for the final products. I will put love and caring into every image I create for you. I believe it is what you deserve. I want you to leave my studio with a smile on your face. I want you to be happy with the images that you choose to own. These will be what your whanau and your future generations will treasure. 


I have worked hard to create products and prices to suit every budget while keeping a high standard of quality, excellent service and results you will love.  My goal is to always surpass your expectation that is why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t love your images it won’t cost you a cent.

This gives you a no-risk opportunity so you can simply relax while we create your images together and if you don’t love them, I won’t take your money. That is my guarantee to you.

Message me if you want to find out  more.


Portrait Box & Digitals

This beautiful  Portrait box holds 20 matted prints to keep your photographs and will last for a lifetime. Purchased matted prints come with the high resolution digital copy. Individual digital copy is available also.

Digital Copy Prices start @ $140+GST

Packages Prices start @ $590+GST

wall art.jpg

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas enlargements are available. This is one of the great ways to enjoy your images everyday.

Individual Canvas starts @ $390+GST

Set Canvases are available.

mock pink couch a.jpg

Framed Wall Art

Timeless way to show your images on your wall and enjoy your images everyday. Available in black, white, mocha and rimu.


Prices start @ $490

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