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I'd like to book 'Beautiful Me' Mini-Session.

This is for only 1 child only. If you'd like to get more time

There are only 10 spots available. First in will get them.

Grab your spot now!


.T's and C's 

You must be 18yrs old and reside in New Zealand. You must be available to come to my home studio to do the photoshoot  and on the viewing session at my home studio around 7-10 days after the photoshoot. Subject to availability.

Thank you! I will be in touch with you shortly!

Hi, my fellow tog! Welcome to my page intentionally for you. My name is Janice. I have been a newborn/family photographer for 6 years now. I am not  famous or one that you can see everywhere. I am just a lowly tog who has 3 beautiful young kids and loves spending time with them who works from my  lounge for 4 years, and finally from my photography business finally bought a home and now have my own space at the back of my house where I do my shoots and reveals.

I know from my experience and probably yours as well, it wasn't easy to start a photography business. I worked hard, really hard to work my way up but no matter what I did, it felt like I was never seen. Not getting the right clients who will pay me even when my price was as low as $100. So, after a year of business and only earned $2000, I thought it's time to do something. Luckily, there was this tog who has the same genre as me from a different town about 5 to 6 hrs away from me, told me to get a mentor to help me with my business. I immediately contacted him and loaned some money from the bank to pay him (that was how poor I was that I couldn't afford anything before this mentoring happened). In less than a month, I paid back what I owed the bank. 

I have been using what he taught me for 5 years now. He taught me how powerful the digital marketing is when it is done properly.

So, here is something that will change your life. I offer 2 things so you can do what you do best and just continue doing it without worrying about your clients.

Timberly Williams

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