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Let us celebrate your Family and Win a Legacy Generation Family Photo Session value $1000!!


— Dr. Seuss


I love my family back home. A big part of me was left with them when I moved here in this beautiful country I now call home. I am here because of love and that love gave me an amazing family I never thought I would ever have. Since I got my babies, all I want is for them to know my family. When my parents came over here for a visit, I did a generation family photos for both of me and my husband's whanau. My children were cranky and not in the mood during the shoot. I did care then and I was abit upset that they weren't smiling or at least not grumpy. But looking at the photos now, I don't mind at all. All I could see is how special it was. That when they're as old as me or have their own family, they will open this album to their kids and show these wonderful people who love them. Because I never met my grandparents and my parents got no photos of them, my mission is to let my kids enjoy their grandparents and have lots of photos with them. And as a photographer, my vision is for every family that I get to connect with have generation family photos. 


One of the hardest thing to do when you want to have all your family for photos is gathering them in one spot and finding the right photographer! I know it is hard and frustrating but I believe that it is special and worthwhile to have generation family photos; one that you can keep, treasure forever, pass on to your kids and enjoy on your wall. The reason I am here is to help you make it happen and  to remind you that NOW more than ever is the best time to do it. I may just be passing in your life but there are no accidents, I may be that one you are looking for to make it happen. I can assure you, it is truly worth it.


And that is why I am offering you an amazing opportunity packed full of value, to be in the draw to WIN a Legacy Generation Family Photo Session valued @ $1000.

  • A complimentary photoshoot for up to 12 people at a location (let's get your woolies, gumboots, jackets, scarves on! Why not, we get to live and enjoy in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!)

  • Personalised support helping you prepare for your photoshoot so that you get the most out of the experience.

  • A set of canvas wall arts for you to enjoy every day and keep forever as a special memory of the love and connection you have as a family!

  • A design viewing so that you can easily choose your favourite images from the shoot.                

 1 Winner of  Generation Family Wall Arts Valued at $999!!!


10 Minor Prizes Valued at $348!


Click the link below to register and be in to win!  

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